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eBucket Provides all Start Up and Existing Businesses with the Key tools to Empowering the brand and gaining maximum profitability. Our unique services tie in together to assist all companies with the fundamentals of running a successful business. Our business model was created when eBucket first got into Business and Paid an arm and leg for the services we now provide for a fraction of the price.

eBucket is a world class professional web development and marketing firm that provides a wide 1range of solutions for both small to large companies in Pretoria. We employ some of the best graphics designers, web developers, and small business SEO specialist and continue to stay in tune with the latest trends in technology and our website designers stay current on the latest methods. We provide only state of the art, cutting edge technology and are always creating new and innovative ways to make our clients’ experience better. If you are looking for a trusted reputable web design company to handle all of your online business needs then look no further. We offer complete solutions for all industries and can meet the demands of any business, and have been ranked one of the best web design companies to do business with in the Pretoria.

Everything we do is with the end result in mind. So if you are trying to generate sales, leads, or phone calls we have a solution that works. Our techniques have been proven time and time again. To learn more about how eBucket can help your business grow speak to an account specialist today.

Number of Web Sites Designed

Number of Web Sites Designed2

We are one of the most knowledgeable Web Design Companies in the Johannesburg and have completed projects ranging from simple websites to complex business processing systems. If you shop around, we can challenge that you will not find any website companies who have a portfolio as diversified as ours. Also our own company website ranks in the 2% of all websites found on the web. If the web design company you hire to build your website does not have a top rated company site you can not expect them to provide you with a top rated website. There are places you can check these stats. Places like Website Grader.com, or Alexa and see how they measure up to the competition. We have clients in all 9 provinces, as well as 4 countries in hundreds of different industries as well as languages.

South African Company

South African Companysouth-african-flag

eBucket is a South African website design company subject to SA State Laws. We are registered with the Dept of Trade and Industry and SARS to operate a business and legal entity within South Africa.

We are physically located in Pretoria;. And we have clients around the world with successful relationships with many third party vendors such as; Google, Yahoo, Business.com, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Intuit, Adobe, Dell and many others.



eBucket has been delivering world class web based services for over a decade now and our experience is vast as well as diverse. We specialize in website design, database application, mobile development, online marketing among most all other web based applications. Our developers have graduated from places like Unisa, Boston City Campus, Intec and alot are self taught. We have found that the self taught developers are sometimes the best to employee as they have the knowledge as well as the experience having worked as freelancers before and are familiar in dealing with clients and understands their expectations. Asief Omar the founder and owner of eBucket has been building and creating online for more than 7 years and he is involved with ever aspect of the company. He is hands on and even helps with projects from time to time as well as answering the phone helping with new sales and support. Mr. Omar knows that in order for eBucket to continue to be successful every client must be successful and he ensures that only the best is applied to every project. You will not find another company that cares about your online presence as much as eBucket.

When building a website for a client we build them to be Search Engine Friendly and think of the clients long term goals online. We are equally skilled at designing corporate websites as well as flashy and fun websites. We understand what it takes to run a business, so rest assured that we’ll make the website design process an easy one for you.



We have completed projects for hundreds of individuals, small companies, start ups companies as well as large corporations. When calling web design companies for pricing you will talk to freelancers claiming to be a company and offshore companies claiming to be in South Africa You will get pricing that ranges so wide that it leaves most consumers confused. Unfortunately we have no control over the industry as a whole, but what we do have control over is trying to help you understand our process and why you are getting such wide ranges in pricing. You will find after calling 3 to 5 companies that our price will be right in the middle. As with any other industry that is not regulated or commercialized you get those who take no pride in what they do and will quote prices so low that is scares most people. Then you get the ones that will price a project so high for one of two reasons. Either the project is beyond their experience and they are going outsource it and still make some profit or they are very proud of what they do and think you should pay dearly for their services. It is usually the later though and we have found the ones that range in pricing so much are either freelancers or offshore companies. So if you feel you must shop around just educate yourself on choosing a good company to handle your project. eBucket will explain every detail of the process , time lines, explain the cost as well as provide everything in writing outlining in detail exactly what our responsibilities are as well as your own.

eBucket design packages are reasonably priced, starting at as low as R999 for a quality 5 page website design. Unlike many other companies, we offer a better value for your money. We do not have any hidden charges. Unlike other companies, you (the client) are not obligated to host with us however we do recommend it due to the fact we have no control over other hosting companies and our number one concern is the results you receive from our products and services.

Why choose a huge company that doesn’t know or care about your business? eBucket is the right size to take care of you and your web solutions. When you choose us, an experienced staff member will work with you personally through every phase of your project and also whenever you need any assistance.

Author's imageAsief Omarfounder of eBucket

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

All our website designs are search engine friendly, and allow for you and your company the best possible chances for excellent indexing with major search engines. This is extremely important and anyone looking to obtain a company for internet based solutions needs to be concerned about this.

Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal

Your site will have 15 seconds (average download time) to make a good first impression and to have your guest taking a seat and start surfing your website. If you read this sentence, this means we succeeded with you. Let us help you succeed with your customers.

Availability and Time to Market

Availability and Time to Market

Time is passing and your competitors may already have an advantage in the online marketplace. eBucket has designers, graphic artists, programmers and system specialists to discuss every detail of your web site. We will work efficiently and put intensive effort in to meet your tight schedule. If there is an emergency we can also present you an excellent website in 1-2 days for an additional cost.

In Short

In Short

  • We have far more experience than most web design companies
  • We probably have done several websites in your industry already
  • We custom build your website, unless you request otherwise
  • We can help you with all of your web design and web marketing needs
  • We abide by Provincial and National Laws
  • We are an ethical company
  • We offer you more value for your money than your local provider
  • We find that it is not necessary to visit a local provider in person
  • We are not an online only company
  • We are not a Mom ‘N’ Pop company, nor are we a bunch of teenagers
  • We are not too big of a company – just right & personal for you
  • Our phones ring here in South Africa and we answer them from South Africa
  • We are an Equal Opportunity South African Employer
  • Our turn around time is always reasonable

11Why Choose eBucket?

We are a company that can do it all for you: Printing, Company Registrations, Web Design, Web Development, Graphics, Search Engine Optimisation, Branding, Translation, Web Hosting, e-commerce and much more. We understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. We have a good number of expert teams in these domains and will drive you from the real space to the virtual space very smoothly.

From the start, our friendly team will work with you personally to understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. We then create your site in a timely manner, get your approval on our work, and publish your Web site on the Internet.

Choosing someone to handle your business web solutions can be a little frustrating and even confusing. We hope we have answered all the possible questions you may have had to make to choose us to handle your needs, however, if there are any questions left unanswered please pick up the phone and give us a call. We will gladly discuss your needs and concerns. Regardless, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our company and no matter who you choose we hope you have tons of success in all your endeavors.

email us today for a free professional consultation to discuss what we can do for you.


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