If you require a website that’s not available on our packages we have on offer and you want more than what we offer, example if you are looking for a directory website or a website that consist of many pages, blogs, galleries and custom order forms coupled with eCommerce and Custom Functionality.

We can certainly assist them. Keep in mind these websites start from R4999 and go up to R100k depending on what’s required.




A full detailed email with all the requirements should be sent to check if we can build the website firstly then to estimate a quote.



Once you have ordered your Custom Website from us, we will send you an email requesting all the information from you to get started with your Website Design.

The content to be sent will be for each page on a word document, eg: home page (word Document), About us (word Document). For the gallery please send the email separate with subject: Website Name- Gallery and attach all the images, please keep the images under 100kb as web does not need 2mb + files.

The process of your website design will  takes 30 working days from the day of all content is received and project is finalised.

Project plans will only be given once quotes are accepted.

Get Started

Send us an email with the website you require on Please give us a full understanding as to what it required and include all functionality.