Deregister a Close Corporation / Company

A company or close corporation may deregister and so bring the entity’s legal status to an end.

Once deregistered you may conduct your business in a different form, but will need to transfer all assets and liabilities to the new format before the final deregistration.

The company or close corporation will/can be deregistered in the event of non compliance of the submission of annual returns;

or if the Companies Commission has reason to the believe that:

• the company is not trading; or
• has been inactive for 7 years; or
• will not trade in the near future.


To apply for deregistration, the following documents are required

On an original company or close corporation letterhead with the following information:

• state that the company or close corporation in not carrying on business or is dormant;
• has no assets or because of the inadequacy of its assets, that there is no reasonable probability of the company being liquidated;
• tax number (if available);
• the letter must be signed by each active directors of the company or members in the case of a close corporation.

Also attach the following to the signed letter:

• a tax clearance certificate or written confirmation from SARS that no tax liability is outstanding;
• certified copies of ID’s of the persons signing the letter


The Registrar will keep you up to date as with the progress of your application.

Get Started

To get started with your CC/Company De-registration Application:

Email the above required documents