Letter of Good Standing

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    Letter of Good Standing Registration

    A Letter of Good Standing is a certificate issued by the Department of Labour-Compensation Fund that verifies that a registered entity has submitted all its Returns of Earnings (ROE) and paid the due assessment/invoice.


    In order to apply for a Letter of Good Standing (LOGS), the following documents and information is required:

    • CC/Company documents
    • Certified ID copies of members/directors
    • Employer Reference Number/Notice of Assessment (issued by the Depart of • • • Labour-Compensation Fund)
    • Total number of employees
    • Total earnings of employee/s


    This Letter of Good Standing certification takes 10-15 business days. The process could take longer if there are any delays due to system errors or workload with the Department of Labour

    Once the Letter of Good Standing certification is done, you will receive the following:

    • Letter of Good Standing (LOGS)

    Please note that a business must be registered with the compensation fund before a letter of good standing can be obtained.

    As soon as we have received the application for a letter of good standing, we will request it from the Compensation Fund. If there are no outstanding returns/monies on the registration number, the letter of good standing will be e-mailed to you directly.

    All businesses that apply for a Letter of Good Standing will need to be registered for Workmen’s Compensation. If you are not registered with the Workmen’s Compensation Fund you can apply here

  • To get started with your Letter of Good Standing Registration Application:

    Email: sales@eBucket.co.za the above required documents



    If there are outstanding monies owed to the fund when we apply for the letter, we will notify the client of the outstanding amount. The client can then submit proof of payment to us. We will hand in the proof of payment with Compensation Fund. The letter of good standing will then be issued within +- 5 working days after the proof of payment has been submitted and Compensation Fund has no further queries.
    * If there are Return of Earnings (ROE) outstanding for one or more year(s) these ROE must be submitted, assessed by Compensation Fund and paid by the employer BEFORE a letter of good standing will be issued. If this is done manually it can take weeks and even months for Compensation Fund to raise assesments. If done through our system or the Compensation Fund’s online ROE system the assesment will be raised and send to the client within 2 working days. Once this assessment(s) has been paid the letter of good standing can be obtained.