Workmens Compensation

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    Workmen’s Compensation Registration

    The function of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) is to compensate an employee in the case of injury or disease. The company must be registered for COID with the Department of Labour.

    All employers who employ one or more workers in connection with their business or farming activities, are required to register with theCompensation Fund. Workmen’s Compensation Registration

    A separate registration is necessary for each separate branch of a business, unless an arrangement for combined registration has been made.


    In order to register for Workman’s Compensation, the following documents and information is required:

    • CC/Company documents
    • Nature of business/activities
    • Certified ID copies of members/directors
    • UIF Number (if applicable)
    • PAYE Number (if applicable)
    • Number of employees
    • Estimated total earnings of employee/s for the year
    • Date employee/s were/was appointed


    This Workman’s Compensation application process takes 21-40 working days. The process could take longer if there are any delays due to system errors or workload with the Department of Labour.

    Once the application is completed, you will receive the following:

    • A Notice of Assessment/ Invoice (W.As.6)

  • To get started with your Workmens Compensation Registration Application:

    Email: the above required documents