Leaflet Printing, Flyer Printing and Pamphlet Printing in South Africa

eBucket is the go-to company for printing all your leaflets, flyers and pamphlets. For some people, seeing a leaflet or flyer is the first time they’re seeing anything about your company, which is why your leaflet, pamphlet or flyer needs to be creative and printed on top quality paper.

Benefits of marketing with flyers and pamphlets

  • Low production cost: Flyer Printing don’t cost an arm and a leg, making it the ideal solution for businesses that doesn’t have exuberant marketing budgets. This affordable marketing method levels the playing field between big companies and smaller businesses.
  • Short production timeframe: Compared to other advertising media, which can take months to reach consumers, flyer printing offers fast turnaround times from the conception of the idea to the distribution of the flyers.
  • Flexibility in terms of quantity: Printed flyers provide much more flexibility with regards to minimum and maximum prints and resulting costs.
  • Fast and uncomplicated distribution: There are literally countless ways to distribute flyers and distribution doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. You also have more direct control over the distribution process.


Tips for designing your leaflet, flyer or pamphlet

Whether you are designing the leaflet or flyer yourself, hiring a professional or making use of our highly-trained designers, there are some things you should remember when putting the leaflet or pamphlet together.

  • Make sure all facts and spelling are correct;
  • Make it bright and eye-catching so people want to read it;
  • Include your address and contact details

Places to distribute flyers, pamphlets and leaflets

  • Place them under the windscreen wipers on cars.
  • Hand them out at busy intersections.
  • Hand them out at shopping centres and malls (provided you have the relevant permissions).
  • Put them in people’s mailboxes (there are services that do this for you).
  • If you run a restaurant, include a flyer or leaflet with the bill.

Cloudy weather slows down the drying process

Sunny hot weather speeds up drying


  • All flyers will be 7-10 working days.