Trademark Registration

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    Trademark Registration


    What is a trademark

    A Trademark is how a business promotes itself visible in the marketplace and can be a name, slogan or logo or a combination of these. The best trademarks are instantly recognizable e.g. Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, etc. The terms “trademark” and “mark” are commonly used to refer to both trademarks and service marks. A registered trade mark is legally enforceable and it give you exclusive rights to use, sell and licence that mark for which it is registered.

    The Trademark of a Logo and The Trademark of the Name is 2 seperate Trademark Registrations.

    Each Trademark Registration is registered to a category, the charge is per category.

    eg: ‘eBucket’ The Name is Trademarked under the Categories of Internet Web Technologies and Print Media Advertising, that is 2 Categories, the Logo is also Trademarked under these 2 categories. This will equate to 4 Trademark registrations.


    Requirements for a Trademark

    Trademark Name and/or Trademark Logo

    Category/Class in where the trademark should be registered to. All Classes will be sent to you via email to make your selection.

    A Trademark can be registered to a Personal name or a Company.

    Documents Required for trademark registration:

    Certified ID Copy

    Complete Power of Attorney Document and Select Class


    The Trademark Process

    Upon receipt of documents of the Trademark Registration, a Trademark search will be done, the search fee included in the trademark fee is non refundable. Search’s are used to check the availability of the trademark. Should the trademark have a conflict, the search will result negative and the trademark process will need to re-start with a new name. The new search process will cost an additional R999 over and above the Trademark fee per class.

    The Trademark search process takes 4-6 weeks. Once the search is verified the trademark application is submitted for approval where it will take 3-4 weeks. Confirmation of the trademark registration will be delivered to the registered postal address submitted with the application that will contain the Trademark Registration Number.

  • To get started with your Trademark Registration Application:

    Email: the above required documents

    R2999 per Trademark per class

    Includes trademark search