VPS Hosting

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

eBucket has a range of VPS hosting packages with CPanel that suit your needs, making them ideal for any kind of business. These are ideal for any individual, small or large business that require the root access of a dedicated server, but allow avoid the complexity of one. The benefits of VPS’s are outstanding, however the two that are key and highly promising are both freedom and expandability. With a managed VPS, you can install custom software that you could not do so on a shared web hosting plan, while also providing the possibility of expanding your SSD VPS at anytime to suit your present needs.



Disk Space 100 GB SSD

vCPU 2 Cores

RAM 2048MB

Bandwidth 2000 GB

Managed VPS with WHM/CPANEL

R999 per month



Disk Space 120 GB SSD

vCPU 4 Cores

RAM 4096 MB

Bandwidth 4000 GB

Managed VPS with WHM/CPANEL

R1399 per month



Disk Space 150 GB SSD

vCPU 8 Cores

RAM 6144 MB

Bandwidth 6000 GB

Managed VPS with WHM/CPANEL

R1799 per month



Disk Space 200 GB SSD

vCPU 8 Cores

RAM 8192 MB

Bandwidth 8000 GB

Managed VPS with WHM/CPANEL

R2299 per month